Registration on the site

A registered and verified user will receive 10 credits from our site.

User birthday

Each user who will have a birthday will receive 15 credits from our site.

Daily user visit

Each user who will visit our site, for a day will get 5 credits from our site.

Adding your own photos

Each user who will add their photos, for one photo will receive 3 credits from our site.

Receive credits

Each user can get credits for actions performed on the site and we have a total of 25 such actions.

Where to spend the earned credits ?

VIP list

Each user can add their profile to the VIP list for site credits.

Video chat

Each user can use the video chat for site credits.

Virtual gifts

Each user can give virtual gifts for site credits.

Profile cover

Each user can add a cover for a profile for site credits.

Spend credits

Each user can spend credits for additional functions on the site, and we have only 12 of them.

Watch this short video

A small video who might give you inspiration to join our site.

Add new advertising

On our site you can add free advertising for 7 days or renew for site credits.

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